Meet The Children….

I would like to introduce you to BreAnna.

I would like to introduce you to Paisley.

I would like to introduce you to JJ.

I would like to introduce you to Lailynd.

Meet Lailynd

Original Story: 3/28/13

On December 16th 2011, I got a call from my daughters “father” saying that he was waiting for an ambulance to arrive as my 6 month old daughter Lailynd was un responsive, her eyes widening, tensing her arms and legs to her chest, and that for 10 minutes her body went limp! Frantically I rushed to the hospital. When arriving there I was brought to my daughter where nurses and doctors were trying relentlessly to get bloodwork from her tiny body. I held her hand and assured her it was going to be okay, it absolutely broke my heart in two. They told me she was having a seizure.We then headed down where she had gotten a CT scan ! Brought back to the emergency room, we were told Lailynd had bilateral frontal subdural hemorrhages, her fontanelle was noted to be full & retinal hemorrhages! After being questioned by a detective separately, my daughters “father” said he knew who did it and pointed the finger at his then girlfriend, then changed his story over a 2 month period 4 different times & still nothing legally has been done!! Lailynd was moved to icu to be monitored. The nurses considered feeding tubes, because she couldn’t keep her formula down. Thankfully before they put it in they had me hold her and feed her & she managed to keep it down!! Another CT scan showed the subdural hematomas resolving, so no stunt was necessary! Lailynd was released on December 24th in my care! After several home visitors & clinic dates….Lailynd is now a very active 19 month old baby girl, vibrant & full of life. Although I know as she grows she may grow into her injury…we still thank god every day for her recovery..She is strong and full of life! We still struggle on a day to day with the “how and why” our lives were changed forever that day but she fought through the odds!

Update 2020: I am beyond blessed that she is a healthy little girl. She is now 9 years old and has a moderate tic disorder.

I would like to introduce you to Dylan.

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