Meet The Children….

I would like to introduce you to Madelyn.

Meet Madelyn February 6th 2017 My perfectly healthy daughter, Madelyn was being “cared for” alone by her father for the very first time. I had just returned to work after paternity leave and childcare options were slim- but surely she would be safe with him, right?11:50am I received a call from him and all that could be heard was him crying before he uttered the words “she’s not breathing.” My screams alerted my coworkers to call 911 while I called my mom who lived minutes away. The 8 minute drive to my house seemed to take a lifetime- I couldn’t get to my baby fast enough. 12:10 My mom ( retired nurse) is first on scene and pulls my child’s lifeless body from her carsest. She recounts to law enforcement how he slowly walked out of the house – taking the time to put his jeans, belt, shirt, hat, boots on and strap her lifeless body into the infant carrier. His story stood firm that he woke up to her not breathing. My mom immediately started CPR and got the precious first breaths of air into Madelyn’s lungs- after an estimated 15-20 without oxygen. First responders show up and immediately take over and I meet them In the road screaming and pushing to get to my child. I don’t recall how but next thing I know I’m being driven to the hospital by an EMT on my car. The small county hospital immediately knew she needed ti be life flighted to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta but storms were moving in so we were forced to wait for pediatric ambulance to come pick her up. Meanwhile brain scans, breathing tubes, xrays , and interrogations started. He stuck to his story and I was still clueless. Once at CHOA she was placed into medically induced coma in efforts to slow down the non stop seizures. I vividly recall the neuro surgeon saying that the next 72 hours were critical for her survival. It became tunnel vision ..I counted down the minutes in the 72 hours as if this nightmare would stop after that window of time. Meanwhile, interrogations continued for both of us and I was still so blind and stupid for not understanding. On day 3, GBI got the confession that man who was meant to protect her, all 6′ 270 lbs of man, violently shook my 11 lb baby-nearly to death. Fractured ribs, torn ligaments all around her neck, global swelling/nleeding on the brain and fingerprint bruising around her body. He was banned from the hospital but his manipulative ways would not stop there. I look back and hate myself for the choices and lies that I believed. How could such a strong woman become so blinded by evil. For that I will never forgive myself. Month long coma followed by nearly 2 months of rehabilitation we were finally allowed home. We have been home for 4 years now and have learned a ton, experienced a ton!, cried a ton, and Madelyn has laughed a ton. He life is not easy yet she laughs non stop. Cerebral palsy has a firm grip on her body, Gtubes provide all of her nutrition and medications keep the seizures under control. The monster was convicted of felony aggravated child abuse and sentenced to 8 years confinement and her name has been legally changed to my family name- Madelyn Greene . He will never lay eyes on her or see her for the rest of his life- I will make sure of that. Madelyn , her 2 sisters and myself ate now completely safe and loved by my husband and all of our family & friends. Life is hard but we love harder. Diagnosis- HIE, TBI, CP, CVI

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I would like to introduce you to McKenna Grace.

This is McKenna Grace- she is 4 years old, and was shaken by her “bio father if that’s even what you want to call him” at the age of 5 months old while I was working. He was at home watching McKenna and her sister while I supported my family. He still to this day blames her older sister who was 2 at the time. I received a call saying something was wrong and he was taking her to ER and I had called my dad to go see what was wrong as he was not answering what was wrong. I didn’t realize it was this bad until my dad got there, called 911. She was 30 minutes away from dying. She was rushed to the local ER by ambulance where they stabilized her and flew her to Rochester MN (1.5 hour away from me). Talk about longest drive ever. They said she would not make it through next 36 hours, yet here we are! We are so thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses at Mayo that helped save her life. She is unable to walk, and has limited usage in her left hand and foot due to the stroke. She receives therapy every week, diagnosed with cerebral palsy resulting in appointments every 6 months, Botox injections every 6 months and has had 16 surgical procedures with more in future. She is such a bundle of joy to everyone she comes in contact with! 💙💜

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I would like to introduce you to Maezie.

Meet Maezie

This is Maezie she is a beautiful strong little girl who can brighten anyone’s day when she smiles. Maezie was born a happy healthy baby on Dec. 12th 2017. She was a happy baby with the world ahead of her on March 16th 2018 I can came home from to find Maezie siezuring in her bassinet. That is when I took her to the hospital and received the worst possible news she had been shaken by her biological father. Maezie has proven against all medical odds and is still living today life is in no means easy for her she is completely reliant on others she is tube fed and has oxygen on most of the time. Maezie loves Disney music especially I just can’t wait to be king. I know she feels and understands what is going on around her and I will never give up fighting for her to have the best life possible Maezie is my inspiration to push forward every day she is proof that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it she does not let anyone stop her from being happy and smiling her smile is the greatest thing I could ever ask for.

I would like to introduce you to Nat.

Meet Nat

Original story 12/18/17
Nat’s story
Nat was born a healthy 6lbs 6oz on the 25th June 2003 he was a very good baby and breastfed well, at the age of 2 weeks old Nat started having moments of been very unsettled and nothing much would settle him i took Nat to the doctors where i was told that i was been over fussy and Nat had nothing more than colic Nat continued to be unsettled but i put my trust into the doctor. 2 weeks later i had a doctors appointment myself we lived very close to the doctors so i changed Nat gave him a feed then laid him in his pram gave him a kiss and left him in the care of his father, whilst waiting for my doctors appointment i decided to ring Nat’s father and ask if everything was ok he said it was so i finally went and saw the doctor and walked back to our home. The walk home i was looking forward to just been back home relaxing and seeing Nat and his brother. I finally reached our home and opened the door what i walked back into was not the home i walked out of the home i walked into was one out of a nightmare and I just wanted to wake up, my oldest who was then nearly 4 years old was stood in the corner his little eyes wide like he had seen a ghost i asked him if he was ok he never moved then I just thought where is steven (my partner) he was sat in the chair i screamed at him asking what was going on and as calm has anything he said hi and ooh nothing all of a sudden i froze and thats when i saw Nat’s lifeless grey/blue body on the rug infront of the fire my world crumpled I remember grabbing Alex Nat’s older brother and Nat’s body and running to my friends home a few doors up. Has soon as i got there i rang 999 and was told how to do cpr on Nat finally the ambulance arrived it seemed like forever, we finally reached the hospital and i was asked so many questions i had no answers only that he was fine when i left him. Through the night at the hospital Nat had many tests he started having violent seizures and would be moved to a different hospital 2 hours away from where we lived and be placed in intensive care in a coma. Doctors did brain scans and sketal xrays we finally had an answer Nat had been violently shaken and thrown my world crashed around me i was only 19 years old with 2 children under 5 and now doctors and police were telling me that my youngest son had been violently abused and it was unlikely he would survive. It took 3 weeks for Nat’s father to finally admit to police he had assaulted Nat he told police IT FRUSTRATED ME, Nat’s father fractured Nat’s skull,broke 12 of his tiny ribs,broke both Nat’s clavicles,broke Nat’s tibia and fiba Nat also had bruising to his back and groin, Nat also had major bleeds to his eyes and brain,mri scans showed an old bleed which was 2 weeks old which would of been why Nat was so fussy at 2 weeks old he had a brain bleed not colic this doctor did appogise but the damage is already done. So today Nat is 14 years old and hes absolutely amazing he has a brain injury and widespread damage to his brain he functions at a 1 to 5 year old level in different areas he is developing very unevenly he has diplegia cerebral palsy, cortical vision impairment, servere learning difficulties,still in nappies,(diapers) communication difficulties and problems with memory but most of all hes a young man who never gives up despite everything hes gone through.

Update 2020:
Nat is now 16 years old now last year lost his vision due to bilateral optic neuropathy of axonal loss,2 types of seizures complex partial and absent seizures, brain deteriorating the last year also as lost skills

I would like to introduce you to Macie.

Meet Macie

So I am going to write the story of my daughter. What has gone on with my daughter because of shaken baby syndrome I’m going to say from the first part, this isn’t necessarily what’s going to go on with anybody else’s child. My daughter was born prematurely but very healthy and at 6 months of age she was shaken by her daycare provider and after the fact I was told she was probably shaken more than once because she had different levels of blood coloring in her brain. She did have retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes and subdural hematoma, along with a skull fracture. With the retinal hemorrhaging she did have to have surgery within 2 weeks to remove some of the blood behind one of her eyes. It’s been 21 years since this happened so I’m going to give as much information as I can but if anybody has any questions for me if they have an older survivor please just let me know. Also if you have a younger survivor that’s okay too any questions are okay with me. So my daughter spent a month in the hospital,when she went to daycare that day she was able to sit up she was able to hold her head up she was able to drink out of a sippy cup and when I got to the hospital she could no longer do any of that. I was told she would never walk talk or see but my daughter chose to beat the odds and she does walk and she does talk and she does see. It is taken 25 surgeries to get her there but she can do it, she is 21 with the social emotional and academic level of a 14 year old so she has came very far compared to what I was told in the hospital. My daughter is a high functioning survivor of shaken baby syndrome and I’m just going to tell you about her life and what she has lived I don’t want this to be portrayed as this is how your child is going to end up because they are all different.

Miss Macie, very happy baby…
The surgeries include eye surgeries (5)
Surgery for her leg and foot, her one foot stopped growing due to CP from the brain injury…to date (15)
Seizure meds until age 1
Kidney surgery, because of the CP her system broke between the kidney and the bladder.

Macie is a very pleasant happy go lucky girl she for the most part loves life. She is 21 now and she will never drive a car she will never get a driver’s license but she does ride the city bus all on her own if any of you ever come to Fargo North Dakota she could tell you how to get somewhere on the city bus wherever you want to go. She has worked part-time jobs with job coaches since she was 14 she does currently live in an apartment with a roommate and they have staff every day of the week and in a couple weeks she will be moving into her own apartment without a roommate but she will still have staff six hours a day she cannot live independently. She is however such a gentle soul and she has lived through all of this stuff back in 2014-15 she had to have a routine like surgery for her cerebral palsy and she unfortunately contracted Staph Andrew MRSA in the operating room… Which resulted in nine surgeries total during that time basically hollowing out her heel bone she does like to eat and she is overweight and it’s very hard to control her weight which is a problem because that heel could break at any moment if she gains a lot more weight. I was going to be her guardian when she turned 18 and they were complications with that having to do with her dad so at this point she is her own guardian but I still basically do most of the stuff for her that staff does not do. at 21 she is still currently in our public school system until the end of this school year and then she will go into a day program and still continue to work her part time jobs and volunteer she loves volunteering. I don’t really know what to say it’s been so many years if people want to know what it was like at first please just message me and ask me and I will let you know and I can let you know how it’s been throughout the years but it would take me a decade to write everything we’ve gone through in the last 21 years but my daughter is a survivor and she is doing way better than what the doctor said she would ever do.

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