Donations are always welcome! Money that is donated is used to help educate the community on Shaken Baby Syndrome or to directly help a child and/or their families. The financial hardships they face is astronomical.

Donations 1st tier


Donations 2nd tier


Donations 3rd tier


Donations 4th tier


Donations 5th tier


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The GiveLively Platform

By choosing to use this platform our payout times are quicker and it offers us to use Peer to Peer fundraising which means that you can “sponsor” a fundraiser link and invite your own circle to participate in it.

General Donations

Birthday Fundraiser


SweetPea Project

GiveButter Platform

This is a fundraising platform that allows us to offer Tickets for events and many other things. It also has a quicker turn around time on payouts which means our execution of projects happens faster.

General Donations

In Memory of Ava Dallas

SweetPea Project

SweetPea Bag Sponsor


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