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Many individuals with disabilities have difficulties using their hands to make the ordinary things in life work. It is no secret. Infants and children who survive being shaken have a significant chance of life long disabilities. We have come together with a local school to help those who have survived and have significant difficulties in using their hands to operate toys. Switch It Up was born from the premise that survivors of SBS will be able to gain access to toys to enrich their lives.

Switch It Up will allow any survivor regardless of age to choose 1 toy that we have currently in our inventory absolutely free to have sent directly to them at the cost of us (SSBS Inc). Each year the child’s parent can sign them up to recieve a toy. We will gladly adapt additional toys for survivors for a fee of $5 plus shipping costs. The toy must be sent to us or the money sent to us to purchase the toy that is requested. Shipping both ways is paid by the purchaser.

In order to participate all that is needed is a filled out registration form and a letter of recommendation from a doctor, teacher or therapist. The letter should simply state that the participant has a dx of Shaken Baby Syndrome (or similar language) and either uses an AAC (switch) or would benefit from the use of an AAC (switch).

Our toys will not come with an AAC (switch) because there are many variables with them. However, we do have an AAC (switch) option that is available that can be purchase for $15 (shipping is included).

We are currently accepting donations through Givelively for monetary donations for this program. We also have wish lists for toys and supplies needed to adapt them at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Registration Form

https://forms.gle/Z9aVaZTA2rCmBtz89 https://forms.gle/Z9aVaZTA2rCmBtz89m

GiveLively (monetary) fundraiser


Amazon (Toy Wishlist)


Target (Toy Wishlist)


Walmart (Toy Wishlist)


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