Meet The Children….

I would like to introduce you to Nolan.

Meet Nolan

My son Nolan was born on July 3,2004 my little fighter from the start he was born early but healthy after a couple of weeks we went home with my handsome little guy whose smile could brighten anybody’s day he was a grandpa Jerome baby very loved and spoiled my dad knew from the moment I told him I was pregnant that he was going to be Nolan Jonathan. I absolutely did not love the name we argued constantly that I was having a girl even two ultrasounds said so of course he was stubborn from the start never showing us he wanted it to be a surprise I guess. But on January 13,2005 my son was shaken and hit by someone who was supposed to protect him and love him within seconds his life was changed forever, that day started out like any other day dropping my other kids off at school errands and a dr app for my little guy and a trip to pick up his other brother when we got home my baby was sleeping my other two were playing video games I went to pick up his middle brother and get some wipes and diapers I was gone 30 minutes I left never imagined that anything bad would happen when I got home my house was surrounded by cops, ambulances and firefighters. I was told to go the hospital that my son was not going to make it. I remember looking around trying to see which one of my boys was missing and I noticed my baby was not there. I vaguely remember those first few months in the hospital I remember my ex just saying I’m sorry I’m so sorry I remember being questioned by dr., and cops and social workers. I remember thinking he was just having a allergic reaction to one the shots. I remember the first time going into my sons hospital room and seeing him so little in that big hospital bed hooked up to so many machines. I will never know what happened their were so many conflicting stories what I do know is that my son had a fist imprint on his skull and was shaken so bad his eyes detached and were bleeding. He was put in a medical induced coma. I remember my dad being there with me and asking the questions that my mind couldn’t seem to put together, in my mind I had convinced myself that my son was going to wake up and smile at me and be fine if I could just see his smile I thought. Looking back I see bits and pieces I see a blur of emotions from the worst time in our life. Something happened that to my son that night something that should have never happened to any baby. The person that I trusted that was supposed to protect my child, something that could have been prevented.

Nolan is 15 now he the developmental age of a 6 month old, his diagnosis is Shaken Infant Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Lung Disease, Grand Mal Seizures, Brain Injury, Cortical Blindness, J tube Status, Aphasia,Urinary Incontinence. He requires 24 hours 7 days a week care he can never be left alone. I will never know what could have been. He is a very happy and outgoing little guy he loves spongebob he loves truck noises motorcycles fart noises he laughs at just about anything. His smile and laughter are contagious. He hates the dark his light and television are always on. He is in 8th grade something that we were told would never be I was told my son wouldn’t make it to 2 but he did he fought and still fights to this day. I didn’t think that I could move forward how could I trust anyone again how could I let anyone in and possibly break what we were trying to put back together. But in 2014 I met someone who came into our lives, and loved my kids like they were hers, and took to nolan and learning everything that he needs. So he has two mamas who love him to the moon and back and would do anything for him. The abuser got 10 yrs served 7yrs,I’m trying to learn to forgive but it’s hard, everytime my son gets sick and ends up in the hospital, I relive that first nightmare when my son got hurt.

I would like to introduce you to Baylee Rose.

Meet Baylee Rose

Original Story

Baylee Rose was born on October 28th, 1999 and died on January 11th, 2015.

This story was writen by Baylee’s mom.

Date of Abuse: Shaken date January 31, 2000
Circumstance of Abuse: I was dating Baylee’s father for 2 years we where high school sweet-hearts. I moved into his family’s house just 1 month. Chris proposed to me just 9 days before the worst day ever. Baylee had just turned 3 months old I left her with her Bio-Father for my first day in Nursing Assisting Class and he was alone with her for 10 minutes so that his mother could run to the store by the time I got home she was already on her way to the hospital. She was not breathing for 5 minutes before (bio-father) started CPR.
Age of child at the time of abuse: Baylee was 3 months and 2 days the day the abuse took place.

Perpetrator info and details: Christopher Lee Schwanz age 33 birth date March 27, 1980, he has an ex-wife with 2 kids and his 21 year old girl-friend of 3 years is expecting his 4 child. He pays zero child support due to the agreement he has between his ex-wife but is supposed to pay for Baylee but refused. The state won’t step in until he owes over $5,000. Currently he owes $143 per month and is rears of $2,900.

Outcome of abuse: Baylee was 100% total care, which means she couldn’t do anything for herself. She required me to do everything for her; she had a feeding tube, Intrathecal Baclofen Pump, which gave her medicine 24 hours a day. She wore briefs (diapers), gets nothing by mouth; she had a mental age of 3-6 months of age. She never walked, talked, went on a first date, got married or ever had kids of her own.

Hospital Experience: Baylee had 20 surgeries. She had 3 brain surgeries, several GJ-tubes, 2 Baclofen Pump changes, surgery on her teeth, tendon releases, and many many more.

Criminal Investigation: Chris waited until the cops showed up in the ICU the day after she was brought in by the Fire Department to confess to cops. Since I had a runaway record from when I was 16 the CPS came in and questioned my mom to find out what might have happened. (Both Chris and I were 19 at the time) 2 undercover Cops came in and questioned me for 3 hours and then took him and questioned him. When he finally confessed I was in tears and he was escorted from the hospital. I was then asked by CPS to obtain a non-contact order keeping him from me and Baylee. He was finally arrested February 24, 2000 when they finally released Baylee from the hospital. When it finally came time for court he pled not guilty to1st degree assault to a child which was 10+ years to pealing guilty to 2nd degree assault on a child and got sentenced to 46 months. He was release just after 26 months for good behavior. I had to see him on occasion due to his younger 2 attending the same school as my younger 2.

Effect on Family: As you can image there is a major effect on the family. I could only work part time due to all the appointment that Baylee had, the constant hospitalizations, and the declining health of Baylee.
Legal Aspect: There are none at the moment…..he walks free like nothing has happened. The only thing that is required by him is to stay away from Baylee and myself.

Life today and support that you had: Life was a day by day struggle. Baylee’s health was slowly getting worse. We had been granted a Make-A-Wish that took place April 1, 2014. She got sick rather quickly. We were unsure how long she will be with us, but we enjoyed every minute with her. Baylee had the support of me her mother (Shannon), her younger sister (Madisyn), her younger brother (Jacob), her mom’s boyfriend of almost 7 years (Wade) and grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, several other family members and very close friends. The local music scene here in Washington State is totally in love with Baylee. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. She gained her wings January 11, 2015

I would like to introduce you to Kilah.

Meet Kilah (Kilah Davenport Law)

April 3 2009 I was born to Kirbi & Steve Eremity. I was the most beautiful baby and I was such a great baby. A dream to be the first one born. I was an easy baby and always happy. I was a happy vibrant toddler and I met every milestone a normal child should. A few weeks after my 3rd Birthday on May 16 2012 someone who was suppose to love me hurt me. I became a victim of Child abuse. My brain suffered many injuries one being Shaken Baby Syndrome. I was not given 24 hours to live but my family knew my fight and they told the doctors I could win. Which I did for 22 months. I wasn’t the same you see my tiny body was now a prison to me and I was stuck and couldn’t do the things I use too. My smile faded my arms and legs didnt work like they should. I watched the evil person who hurt me go to prison. I met my baby brother, and my baby sister. I got to spend special time with my mommy, daddy, Nana, & Pop Pop. I achieved things that doctors said I never would. Even trapped in my own body, I did amazing things. I changed the child abuse law in NC and later went on to have a Federal bill in my name. My family says I’m a hero. I fought so hard but my tiny body was tired and my little brain was so hurt that I couldn’t hold on. God took me home to heaven on March 13 2014. My family educates people on child abuse and my siblings even know that no matter what you never shake a baby. My family still works every day to educate people and they tell my story and keep my memory alive.…/kilahs-law-take-effect…/334677084/

I would like to introduce you to Will.

Meet Will

My son, Will, is a victim of shaken baby syndrome. To help spread awareness during child abuse awareness month I’ve been ask to share his story.

Will was born six weeks premature due to complications during my pregnancy. He weighed 4 lbs, 3 oz. After he was born it was discovered that he had a congenital heart defect. He spent eight weeks in the NICU where he underwent his first open heart surgery at four weeks old. He was given a twenty percent chance of survival.

He came through the surgery like a champ and we took him home four weeks later. I had Will enrolled in a wonderful daycare center before he was born. Because he was so medically fragile we were told he’d never survive a daycare center due to germs. We lived in KY while all of our family lived in GA. I knew no one that could keep him when I returned to work. My ex was determined that I work so against every instinct I had I hired a babysitter. She was 24 and had a 14 month old son of her own. We met and spent time together for a month before I returned to work. I felt good about her. She was willing to come to our home to make things easier on Will. I hated leaving him but was pleased with how things were going with the sitter. She seemed engaged and to be bonding well with Will. Before I returned to work I completed a background check on both her and her husband. At my request they both took a CPR class as well. She became pregnant but wasn’t happy about it. Things changed. She was very sick and was hospitalized due to dehydration. I was trying desperately to purchase a business so I could be with him full time. I never dreamed she’d hurt him. I felt as though she wasn’t engaged with him the way I would be and I was worried. Will was not a fussy baby and she’d never complained of that until the last two weeks that she kept him. I dropped him off at her house on Thursday, March 15, 2007. I had agreed to bring him to her house once she became pregnant to try to make things easier for her. Fifteen minutes after I left she calls to tell me Will isn’t breathing and ask me what to do. I told her to call 911. I got back to her house before the ambulance did. I’ll never forget pulling into her driveway and seeing my lifeless baby. I immediately took him inside and started CPR. A few seconds later the ambulance finally arrived and the paramedics took over. They ask the sitter a series of questions such as if her son could have possibly hit him in the head with anything or if he’d fallen. All of her answers were no. I assumed it was his heart and was terrified.The paramedics got his pulse back and loaded him into the ambulance. On the way to the hospital Will begin to have seizures. The paramedics were telling me he was in bad shape. Once in the ER there were so many dr’s in the room where they tried to stabilize him. They couldn’t get a vein for an IV for meds for the seizures and his dropping blood pressure. I remember the sounds and the smell of the room and watching a dr perform CPR on his tiny little body, but what came next is something a mommy should ever have to hear. It was a drill actually drilling a hole in his shin so they could give the meds directly into his bone. We stood in the corner as I heard him scream out in pain. They finally told us he was on life support and was in critical condition and he needed to be flown to a children’s hospital two hours away. I still was assuming it was his heart even though the hospital staff said they just didn’t know. I remember the ride in the plane to the hospital and landing on top of the hospital and rushing him inside where another room of dr’s were waiting on us. They began doing test after test. Finally he was brought back into the room. I remember how swollen his little eyes and head was. We were told he had three subdural hematoma’s of different ages on his brain. They ask if we had dropped him or bumped his head on anything. Of course the answers were no. I remember feeling so helpless. They told us he was in a coma and no one could say if he would ever wake up much less be ok. After a few hours a dr came in the room with the social worker to tell us the head injury was non-accidental. I remember looking at her and just not saying anything for a few seconds. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Someone had hurt my baby boy and given him a head injury. Soon after the police arrived at the hospital and started questioning me. I was with them for over three hours. Next they questioned my husband the same. I can just remember being irritated because my baby was hurt, on life support and in a coma and he needed me. I was stuck in the room trying to tell these officers and CPS that I hadn’t hurt my baby but I knew who had, the sitter, but they wouldn’t listen. To keep this from getting longer and longer I’ll just say that she’d changed once she became pregnant. She wasn’t awake yet when I’d drop him off in the mornings. I’d have to wake her up by calling. She’d began making comments about him being fussy. She told me once in the last week that she kept him that he’d been “bad” all day. I knew my baby and he was far from fussy. He was so easy. This is why I was desperately trying to find a way to buy a tanning salon to be with him. We actually signed the paperwork to purchase it the day before she almost killed him. The first few days in the hospital were a blur. So many different doctor’s, nurses, social workers, CPS and police officers in and out of the room. They were taking pictures for evidence. No one had used the term shaken baby syndrome until after an eye exam was completed that confirmed there was bleeding behind his eyes. His left retina was almost detached. That combined with the bleeding on his brain confirmed SBS.

I’ll never forget the doctor coming into the room and telling me to have a seat. He broke the news of the confirmed diagnosis and said he was sorry. Said all we could do now was wait. I remember my mom arriving at the hospital from GA five min after I was given that info. She took me into a private room that the dr showed us. I fell to my knees and ask her to pray because I was just to weak to pray myself. We begged God for mercy and to bring my baby back to us. I stayed by his side every minute of every day just praying that God would allow him to be OK. I offered myself up if he’d let Will live. I wanted to take his place so desperately. We were in the PICU for two weeks. Will slowly began to wake up. He was so fragile and irritable at first that we had to keep the lights and the TV off and we had to whisper because anything more than that was to much for his little brain to handle. He was eventually transferred to a rehab center where we did intense residential therapy for four weeks. My eight month old had to learn to drink from a bottle, hold his head up, sit up, roll over, use his hands that wanted to stay closed all the time. He had to wear splints on his tiny hands to keep them open. He couldn’t sleep for more than an hour at the time as insomnia comes with a TBI. This continued until he was three. Once we got home from rehab my husband and I quickly turned on each other. He blamed me and I blamed him but neither would say it until we started marriage counseling where the counselor told us 80% of marriages that go through this kind of trauma ends in divorce. We became a statistic six months later. I moved home to GA where I had support of family and found a job. My parents took Will to eight hours of therapy a week. Speech, OT and PT. He was diagnosed with severe verbal apraxia and didn’t talk clearly enough for others to understand until about four years old. He walked at 2-1/2 and he wasn’t able to eat solid food until he was 3-1/2 due to severe sensory integration issues. A feeding therapist helped show me exercises to do before every feeding to avoid him throwing everything back up. He also suffered from sensory issues in many other areas like the touch of sand or grass or the fringe on a rug. Will suffered from hemiplegia on his ride sight. He still has a lot of weakness on this side to this day. Will lost the majority of his hearing when he was shaken and he had to go through vision therapy to help correct his left eye. He started wearing hearing aids when he was three. He had to be on seizure med because there was seizure activity on his brain until the age of 8. There were so many dr appointments with 11 different specialist that we had to see on a regular basis for several years, some he still sees today. Will is very smart but is cognitively delayed. He works so hard in school and does his very best all the time. He continues to press forward and to learn. It’s very slow, but we’ll take that any day.

Will is loved by so many and has touched lives in ways only he could do. He’s a ray of sunshine, never feeling sorry for himself, always pushing forward. He’s so pleasant and doesn’t have behavior issues like they warned us that he might. I realize how very blessed we are that he can walk, talk and attend school and does as well as he does. I never lose sight of what I see on this website, and I never take one day with him for granted for I realize how close I came to losing him. I know to many of you that have angels that were taken from you because someone lost their temper and shook your babies. No one should ever have to go through what these babies, children and adults do when living with a brain injury that was inflicted upon them by someone who was supposed to care for them. I lost the son that was born to me on 3/15/07. He was sentenced to a lifetime of struggling while the sitter was never even arrested. The police said because there was fresh blood and blood as old as 7-10 days they couldn’t arrest anyone. Will had been in our care and theirs during that time. She hired an attorney by 9:00 the morning after she shook him the last time, before I’d even been told he had a
non-accidental head injury. I thought that’d be all they needed to know but it didn’t work like that. She lives somewhere today with her two healthy children. I hope all she sees when she closes her eyes is his sweet innocent face. I hope he haunts her dreams and I hope karma is real. Some people say I should forgive her. I say let someone change the course of your baby’s life forever and then say that. He’ll most likely never live independently and have a family of his own. I lost my husband and the man I’d loved for many years as a direct result of this trauma. Will has suffered through so very much in his short life of 13 years. You’d never know the rough start he had today. He’s the happiest kid I’ve been known. He’s fought so hard to be who he is today, a smart young man making his way through life with such grace, positivity, strength, courage and determination. He’s still in private physical and occupational therapy and he receives speech therapy at school. I’m so thankful and grateful that he does as well as he does as I realize how much worse it could have been for him. Time doesn’t heal some wounds but it does help the pain, I guess. God answered my prayers when Will was lying in a coma on life support and he continues to bless us in so many ways today. I’m forever grateful that Will’s here with us to love, advocate for, guide and cheer him on in life. I’m sharing this not only to tell his story to other parents who have unfortunately experienced pain and loss to SBS, but to others to bring awareness to not just child abuse, but SBS. It happens way more than the average person realizes. It’s important to people who may have grand babies or a baby on the way. If my sitter had just put Will in a safe place and walked outside or to her bedroom for a few minutes when she became frustrated for whatever reason, Will’s life would be very different. It only takes a second to critically injure a baby. Please take a minute if you need to. Call someone for help and don’t be ashamed of it. SBS kills and it critically injures innocent babies. It changes lives and sentences these babies to a lifetime of pain, loss and suffering. NEVER SHAKE A BABY!

I would like to introduce you to Trevon.

Meet Trevon

My son Trevon was hospitalized March 9, 2010 he was 3 in a half months old. I took him to a different hospital the night before March 8, 2010 when I got him back from his biological father because Trevon was not acting like his self. The doctor pretty much looked at me like I was crazy and he was diagnosed with constipation they didn’t run any test or anything else. March 9, 2010 when I got back home from school my at the time boyfriend yelled for me saying Trevon was having trouble breathing ans turning blue right away when the ambulance got to the hospital they took him to run test they came back to tell me that my son had been shaken he was not suppose to make it through the night but some how he did he was hospitalized for a month and a half. Trevon was shaken so hard he had bleeding on the brain both his retinas were detached so he became blind he no longer had the sucking motion to drink from a bottle so he was on a feeding tube later on had surgery to get a Mickey botton placed in his stomach he had very few brain waves as the doctors said, “he was a vegetable”. Trevon was in need of 24/7 care and because i was only 19 they wouldn’t let me go get the training so I could take care of him on my own he was placed in a wonderful medical foster home. Had weekly visitation and also attended doctor appointments. I loved spending as much time with Trevon as I could. Trevon passed away in his sleep August 18, 2011 at 1 in a half years old. No one has ever been charged and its now been 10 years. Some people think it was the biological father some people think it was the man I married and had two kids with. Trevon touched a lot of people he was so loved by so many people and missed by many. R.I.P Trevon Joseph Sanigar Grymala

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