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I would like to introduce you to Gabe.

Meet Gabe

Original Story April 11th, 2014

I would like to introduce you to Bryan.

Meet Bryan
Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Bryan Robertson, I was born in La Mesa California on April 11, 1982. On March 1, 1983 at the age of ten months old, on my fifth day of childcare my whole world changed forever. I was dropped off by my dad that morning at 8 am, because my mom was already at work. I was a fussy ten month old, who was teething and didn’t want to be there, At about noon the licensed family home childcare provider, Mary Kohler, shook me with the force equal to a fall off a five story building and landing on concrete. My mom, who was having a bad day at work, came to pick me up early to have some fun. She arrived at Mary’s house at 2pm, which was early for her to pick me up. She found me lying in a dark room in a playpen. I was laying on my tummy when Mary picked me up out of the playpen mom could see how stiff and ridged I was and my hands were jerking. Mom brought me out to a lighted play area and called the Dr. She was asked to look at my eyes to look at my eyes, one eye was dilated, I was rushed to Grossmont hospital where I had a four hour operation, a four bone halo, to remove the subdural hematoma (long length of bleeding) to relieve the pressure on my brain then I was taken by the CHET team to San Diego’s Children’s Hospital. I spent a total of eighteen days in the hospital, eight of which were spent in a coma. Because of my injuries, I am partially blind and partially paralyzed. My childcare provider pled no contest to shaking me and as a result, she was sentenced to 1 year in local time, but only served 9 months and fourteen days in detention, of just nights and weekends. So that she may take care of her own children during the day and her husband was with the kids at night. My mom, Cheri Robertson, along with several other parents helped pass several laws including the Act for Better Childcare and TrustLine. TrustLine is the first database of nannies and baby-sitters that have cleared criminal background checks in California. It authorized the screening program of in-home caregivers in the state with access to fingerprint records at the California Department of Justice and the FBI.

I would like to introduce you to Harvey.

Meet Harvey

Original Story
January 11th, 2016

Harvey was shaken at 1 month old. On the night on September 28th, 2004, Harvey was taken to the hospital because he wasn’t himself. After 5 days of being unstable the doctors were finally able to get the appropriate testing done which revealed that Harvey had been a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. It took 5 weeks for Harvey to finally be released from the hospital to go home. As a result of his injuries he was left with damage to his brain, seizure, damaged retinas, unable to speak, no use of his left hand, difficulties with walking and unable to control both his bowels and urine. Since his injuries and being released from the hospital Harvey hasn’t reached many of his milestones. His time is spent going to doctors, specialists and therapists. Although Harvey suffers from severe developmental delays he is the most outgoing and sociable young boy. Perhaps the biggest hurdle for Harvey in all of this is that he lacks the knowledge of understanding dangerous situations. This is hard for people to realize and understand because although Harvey can tell you the color of the traffic lights and what they stand for he simply doesn’t understand what could happen if you drive through a red light at a fast pace. Harvey will likely always have tantrum, outbursts and meltdowns but he will always light up the life of his mom and sister. These days you will find Harvey nearly 12 years old, going to school and trying to gain new milestones as he gets older. As for the person who did this to Harvey well his mom can’t forgive or say that there was enough justice but she tries to just move forward to help Harvey be all that he can be.

Update January 16th 2018

Harvey is doing very well for himself these days. These days Harvey is quite busy with a rather full social calendar. He does many things with friends and family that bring him great joy. As I was speaking to his mom she sent me pictures of him having a blast in the pool. While the water is a source of great fun for him it also is extraordinary beneficial to him in terms of therapy. Harvey has developed a love of surfing which is a great way to use his core to sit on the big high waves he would always stay on the board and while he does enjoy going to the ocean to do so he has also determined it to be more “fun” at an indoor facility where the water is heated. Harvey is very comfortable in the water, and has found a way to use his body to swim with only the use of one arm. Whether it’s going out to a movie, for food or what have you Harvey definitely has a zest for life and will not let anything stop him from enjoy that life.

Harvey loves routine, and likes to know what is going on, it is helpful to break things down into steps for example step one school, step two swimming then he always does a thinking sign; he puts his finger to his cheek and we question or choose what’s for tea. The use of the thinking sign for lots of things mostly food, or what film we watching next at the cinema club we attend or when he knows he is going somewhere he likes to say ( sign ) clothes and then the thinking sign so then we have to mention which t shirt or jumper he is wearing till he picks, he loves clothes and takes pride in his clothes and what he is wearing. He understands everything but struggles because of his lack of speech, he uses me (mom) as his talking aid, he is friendly and loves visitors and will ask them if they want tea….

Harvey joined a group called I run 4, it’s a pen pal type of friendship group that matches individuals with special needs or disablities with individuals who are ‘athletes’ (mainly runners) and like to be on the move. These individuals dedicate their time, routines, miles, workout and whatever they are doing to be active to their buddy. Harvey was matched with a lady from America Toni Ann, she has run and done lots of amazing things for Harvey. Toni Ann sends him medals and race t shirts and spoils him loads while Harvey cheers her on via messages, videos, pictures etc from here in the UK. They have built a really good friendship, she talks about him to everyone she meets at races and big events. Harvey has all her medals proudly on his wall and we talk about her like she is family.

Update March 2020:

Been a rough year with drs, hospitals and tests with various health problems with so much stress concern and worry.

In amongst this harvey has still been a social butterfly enjoying party’s, meet ups, holidays, swimming pools are still such a huge enjoyment to harvey and he loves his swimming lessons and just also the freedom of the water.
His favourite past time is having family and friends over for meals. Harvey’s starts most days asking who’s coming over for a cup of tea today ???
He has started using a communication aid again, this is a very slow progress but so much benefit, he does use more spoken words and not everyone can understand him, he does a lot of his talking via me mum when taking to family or strangers while out and about.

Harvey enjoys school loves to learn will try and play up saying no school or feels sick to have a day off now and then, will even offer to clean if I let him stay home.. he is so funny and a real cheeky monkey. He turns 16 this summer this brings extra concern with only 2 plus years left at his currant school which he has attended from age 3.

Such a scary time for us with talks about his future. This alone brings so much upset because all his opportunities have been sadly taken away from him the moment his was hurt.

To follow Harvey’s journey click the link here.

I would like to introduce you to Emma Gracie

Meet Emma Gracie

I lost my child Emma Graice Senter I September 9, 2012 I get this weird feeling in the back of my throat then it hits me I start crying I fall apart it’s been 8 years sense Emma passed away and sometime I think she is still here I guess it really hasn’t set in all the way or maybe I don’t want to accepted yet no mother would want to.

It hurts after losing a child.It hurts everyday people tell me it’s going to get better but I am not so sure anymore it’s not fair she should be here with me but she is not she is in heaven.

I pray that no one never lose a child or ever know this pain.
No Parent should ever have to go through this, I don’t care who they are! There is nothing worst then carrying your child, caring for them , loving them and already dreaming of there future only to have it ripped away from you. The Pain of losing my child is so incomprehensible by someone that has not experienced it that there are no words to describe it. I have tried several times to describe the feeling of loss and despair that followed but I don’t think I have ever managed to completely convey it to an outsider.

But I am able to speak and write about this subject but I still fall into pieces As most of you know my daughter was murdered (shaken baby syndrome) (her father killed her he never was prosecuted am so sick of JIMMY SENTER (Emma’s father) he is still telling everyone that Emma died from SIDS NO!! She died from shaken baby syndrome He didn’t go to jail because his mother worked at the police department and she has pull!!! her exact words to me and the police are not!! doing a darn thing about it either shows what money can buy Emma didn’t died from SIDS She died from shaken baby syndrome April 20, 2012 when this happened The autopsy report says foul play I do believe it’s a public record if so anyone can go get it he is guilty and he doesn’t care he doesn’t care that he killed his own child how sick can someone be to do that to his own child any CHILD!!! his mother said it was shaken baby syndrome and she’s just as crazy as him but at least she Admit that it was shaken baby syndrome Emma has seizures afterwards her brain was swelled and bleeding she had head trauma she had a G-tube she couldn’t eat on her own I had to pump food in her stomach she only live 4 months after all this happened she died September 9, 2012 I do not wish this on anybody to go through something like this the pain is unexplainable and how angry I am at our justice system for not taking action on this three-month-old baby that was murdered it’s been 8 and nothing has been done!!! I pray to God jimmy needs to be punish!!! Him to confront me and the public and explain to me why!!!! and how could you a innocent three month old baby I pray that God punish, suffer like I have to suffer without my child how can a person do something so terrible to my child or any child I don’t understand how a human being can be so cruel and lowdown and selfish I want justice!!!!!! For my daughter sake It’s a mothers nightmare to bury her child, the pain is unexplainable. I have people telling me “She is gone but, you still have children that need you.” Yes I do, and I understand that. I love Jemma and Leo. They keep me going but, before you tell a grieving mother to be grateful for the children she has, think about which one of your children that you could live without. I will never get over Emma. I will miss her ever minute of every day for the rest of my life! Emma is still my child, even tho she is in heaven. ! It’s devastating How can our justice system have let it go this far I have feelings people, and they are hurt! I want justice for my daughter. I am a mother that lost a child.

Update as of April 2021

We are very happy to share with everyone that Emma Gracie’s mom reached out to us with a very promising update on FINALLY getting the justice that is deserved. The cliff notes version is the man responsible in jail for 24 years for murder of his mother’s boyfriend but is now facing CAPITAL MURDER for the death of Emma Gracie (his daughter) who was just 7 months old. If found guilty he will get the death penalty. Here’s the full article that was shared with us. Stay tuned and we will update when we know more.

I would like to introduce you to Jacah.

Meet Jacah

On September 23, 2006 a healthy 6lb 2oz, 19 inch baby boy blessed this earth with his presence. His name is Jacah J’Don Jefferson. After 5 short months of life (March 2, 2007) Jacah was brutally beaten/abused by his biological mother’s boyfriend. His lifeless body was taken to Memorial Herman Northwest reporting trouble breathing. He was then immediately transferred to Texas Children’s Hospitial where they discovered 4 fractured ribs that were healing, a fractured right leg that was healing, an upper jaw fracture, inner nose bone fracture, blood behind both eyes, brain bleeds, and possible seizures. Doctors diagnosed him with Shaken Baby Syndrome also called Abusive Head Trauma which means a serious brain injury resulting from forcefully shaking an infant or toddler. His injuries were so severe that doctors believed he would be blind, need a trachea, and may not even survive. After being discharged to a relative that gave him back to CPS, 2 foster homes that he endured more abuse, God saw fit to bless his maternal grandparents with custody on July 14, 2007! This responsibility among other things lead to a split in the grandparents marriage and after 2 years his entire biological family faded away. Jacah continued to reside with his step-grandmother (Stacy Williams); whom he calls “Mama”, the only dad he knows; Dexter, and his uncles Jeffery and Ernest. As a result of the abuse; Jacah suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, Developmental Delays, and Visual impairments. In December 2017, Jacah underwent his 1st surgery to correct his scoliosis. With all that he endures, Jacah lives his “Life After Shaken Baby Syndrome” to the fullest. He is a lover of music, traveling (especially by cruise ship), and continues to be the center of attention to his family. Jacah is known for his million dollar smile and wardrobe (especially his tennis shoes). In 2015 Jacah won the hearts of many across the nation with his #TeamJacah movement in a quest to purchase a wheelchair accessible van. He is the inspiration of the nonprofit organization “Love Has No Disability Inc.”

What we would like for you to know about Jacah is that his life and the love he brings into or lives is a true example of the love Jesus showed on the cross. No matter what pain he feels, or what obstacles he may face; Jacah does it with a smile and that’s proof that there is truly “life” After Shaken Baby Syndrome!

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