Meet The Children….

I would like to introduce you to Tyrece.

An update on Tyrece….April 2021

Tyrece had a baclofen pump inserted right before Thanksgiving; we are in the hospital for a week. Unfortunately, he had a complication and had to go back to the OR. He seems to be over that bump in the road and his spasticity has improved. Tyrece is saying more words! We are thrilled with this progress. He is working on a communication device in speech therapy. In fact, he no longer wants to work on feeding in therapy; he wants to work on his device. We hope that the device will come home soon so we can work with him also. Tyrece really wants to walk; he is a very motivated kid who loves life. Tyrece is in the first grade. His teacher whom we adore, and trust is retiring after this year. This is really a hard thing for us as a family. The teacher is K-2; Maddie and Tyrece have the same teacher.

I would like to introduce you to Jordan.

Here is a personal message from a mom. We never shared her story on our page but she reached out to us back on May 2, 2013. We asked her if we could share this with everyone here. This is an incident that happened in 1995

18 years ago today I got that call while I was at work that no momma ever wants to get. Jordan won’t eat and she is acting funny. “what do you mean funny?” “she is breathing funny and is really sleepy.” “I don’t think she is feeling very good.” I was 22 years old and my daughter who was just 7 weeks old was home with my boyfriend because I had to work. I asked him to bring Jordan to my work. When they got there she was lethargic, making small crying noises and pretty limp. No knowing what to do I called her Pediatritian, they to me to have HIM bring her right up. At this point I did not realize how serious her condition was. HE to Jordan to the doctor, the doctor took on look at her and called an ambulance. You see what I did not know and what HE did not share until 2 days later was that Jordan had been crying and he had SHAKEN her to get her to stop. HE lied and pretend not to know for 2 days while my baby lay fighting for her life in to intensive care unit. Long story short, Jordan held on for 2 days and lost the fight on may 4th 1995. She was ONLY 7 weeks old when she went into Gods arms. ONLY after the results came back did he finally admit what he had done. he was sentenced to only 10 years in prison and has been out since 2005. The bad thing is her came back to our home town and lives in the same city I do. Everyone around me tells me I need to let go of my anger towards him and move past it. How do we let go of the fact that someone we loved and trusted took away our child?. its been 18 years and the pain is just as strong now as it was then. HOW DO I FORGIVE?

I would like to introduce you to Maddox.

An update on Maddox….April 2021

This year, we have worked hard on getting Maddie on a very strict ketogenic diet. We dilute his pills so we know that we are administering medicine only – without any added sugars. His seizure activity, has for the most part, stabilized. We had a recent scare, but he is much better now. Maddie is participating in life more. He enjoys interacting with people in his environment. Speech/feeding is going much better this year. He enjoys the sugar free lollipops that we use for oral stimulation. A new personality trait emerged this year – he gets jealous when “his nurse” or “his teacher” interacts with any of the other boys. It is quite comical. Maddie is in kindergarten; he seems to be enjoying school more this year.

I would like to introduce you to Reily.

I would like to introduce you to Cristian.

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